Objectives and Key Results (2019)

Objectives and Key Results (or OKRs) are a mechanism for setting the goals for a team. The general notion is that there is:

An objective

A clearly defined goal

Key Results

A measurement designed to track the achievement of that goal

The vision of littleman.co is:

Simple, beautiful software development.

Each of the objectives defined by the organisation should be clearly derived from this vision. Meeting these goals should demonstrably simplify and make more beautiful software that is deployed both in conjunction with littleman.co, and with the broader community.


Make software development easier to understand

For something to be simple, it must be a concept that is easily understandable by those who wish to make use of it. One way of decreasing the apparent complexity of a concept is to provide similar models, or ways to think about it that make it more predictable. While this doesn’t reduce the absolute complexity of that model, it can reduce it’s perceived complexity.

To this end, this objective is expected to yield the following key results:

  1. Have 50,000 users / month read the publications written on littleman.co, or any of its syndicated copies.

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